Falling for you was like bittersweet cider , Wanting you , tequila shots . It doesn't do me any good anymore , Now that I'm sobering up.


Oh , Nina.

Sure Nina , keep pretending that the problem is going to fix itself. Keep filling your stomach with cold water and coffee , then wonder why you're so cold , why you cry so much and why everything is so hard. I know you didn't choose this. I know it's a coping mechanism. I know … Oh , Nina. weiterlesen


" There's nothing more beautiful than to have someone truly  care about you " says my grandfather on the phone , " and to grow old together " adds my grandmother in the background. They've been married for over 60 years . I shiver and wonder if that's what love is. Wanting to grow old … 07.01.2018 weiterlesen

2017 : bits and bobs I’ve learned this year

End of the year nostalgia , bla bla bla Cuddling with the right person is the most amazing feeling ever. Everything else just fades away and you're in this moment of complete relaxation and comfiness. You never really appreciate your parents until they're not around anymore ( They didn't die, I moved countries). You also never really … 2017 : bits and bobs I’ve learned this year weiterlesen

Middle child syndrome and self diagnosed mental disorder

If you ask me , Id say I have  dealt with multiple mental health problems during the course of my life . Self harm , anorexia , anxiety and depression. The four classics perhaps. But have I really? I've become pretty good at self diagnosing , thanks to the internet that fulfills its role to … Middle child syndrome and self diagnosed mental disorder weiterlesen