VEGAN IN PARIS – my travel experience

Hello lovely people ,

While writing this blog post , I am sitting in our little holiday cottage in France ready tog o to the markets soon and get fresh fruit and vegetables. distance to the sea : 1 min.

Distance to the sea : 1 min.

It’s a little bit crazy being away from home for three weeks , and I miss working out and my cats a lot , but then this place on the coast of South-France kind of feels like my second home because I’ve been here every year for two weeks.

Yet the topic of this post won’t be this place, it will be a place more in the north of France : exactly, Paris. Last week from Monday to Friday my class went on a trip to Paris and I decided to tell you about it , what I did there , what I learned and how I managed to be vegan there.

First of all a little disclaimer : I didn’t take that many pictures , but I made a little travel video about my time there which I will insert here as soon as it’s uploaded on my youtube channel.

On Monday, we took the TGV ( high-speed train with up to 300 km/h) and arrived there about 3 hours later. It took us another hour to get to our hotel , and driving with the metro was very stressful but sooner or later we got there. The hotel we stayed in had small rooms stuffed with our beds,  but as I got a three bed room with my best friends that didn’t matter much at all. On Monday, we visited the museum of the Louvre and it was very impressing , yet very full and big so that it was hard to orientate and take in everything. Nevertheless I saw the Mona Lisa and other beautiful statues .After a quick walk in the park behind the building we marched to the Arc de Triumph which was not the highlight of the week , but then I had already seen most of the buildings a few years ago.

On Tuesday, we took the Metro to the church of Notre-Dame and climbed to the top . After thinking a moment about going in the church ( I could have started to burn ) I went inside and it was breathtaking even for a non-religious person. After that,we walked around the block for a bit and then visited the Grand Mosquée , guided by a confident and funny french woman . The moquée was very beautiful and it was nice to learn about the principles of  the Islam and their religion . Because it started raining pretty hard we went to a small Moroccan café and had the most wonderful mint tea.

Wednesday was one of my favourite days : we went to a place called „place de la vilette “ and visited the museum „explora“ It had different expositions including one about mental disorders , which was very interesting. Even though my french wasn’t good enough to understand the science expositions everything was created very beautifully. Later that day ( after a short stop at our hotel) we walked to Sacre-Coeur passing a big wall where “ I love you“was written in so many languages. The church on top of the mountain was nice and we had a great view on Paris and the Eiffel tower.

On Tuesday, we went to another museum : The Rodin Museum. I learned that he was  an artist , now very famous for his sculptures that show a lot of movement and show the people real , just how they looked , something unusual for his time. We walked around in the beautiful park , where I almost fell asleep , then we continued our tour to the EIFFEL TOWER. Climbing to the top was a lot of fun , especially when your friend is a bit scared of heights , but yes we all survived it and also got a pretty nice view on Paris.

What we did on Friday was a surprise until Sunday : we went to Versailles. I was very happy and so excited to get there as I had seen a movie about the gardens just recently .The chateau was incredible , one room more spectacular that the other , gold gold and more gold  , but also a lot of mirrors  because mirrors were a treasure at the time it was built. But what I loved the most was the garden of Versailles . It was so huge that you couldn’t even see the end of it and you could get lost in the maze , I wish we could have spent more time there but that was already the end of our trip.


Now for the intresting part: What was it like being vegan in Paris ?

In one word ? Unspectacular and simple. Why ? I took a lot of food with me . If you follow me on instagram you might have seen the three boxes of food I took. Of course it was way too much and we even had a supermarket 50 metres behind our hotel. There was breakfast , but unfortunately no fruit , so instead of cooked oats I had plain oats with milk and a banana in the morning and if I was still hungry , baguette with peach jam (I checked it , plantbased)

For Lunch ,I had everything from chickpea soup straight from the can, canned vegetables like corn , beans and chickpeas , and for dinner, me and my vegetarian friend ate taboulé ( cous cous salad ) or  filled Tortilla wraps with salad and veggies. Once I even found a vegetarian/vegan restaurant which had some very nice options !

So my tips : If you are inexperienced with travelling like I am , bring some food just to be safe , I would recommend canned foods that don’t need to be refrigerated , so in case you want to buy some fresh produce , it’s not a problem.


And now finally : my personal experience and what I have learned or realised :

  1. I am one hella introverted person. The french people are very open and direct , I on the other hand am quite timide and like to observe more than act.
  2. In Paris, I realised how great having cooked food and your own kitchen is , and that I should appreciate that more. At the end of the five days, I absolutely missed warm food in my stomach.
  3. Again , as an introverted person, I get my energy out of the time I spend alone. Being in a group all the time and not having the luxury of having my own room , but sharing it with 2 other people really drained me and made me feel exhausted . I now appreciate moments I spend alone more than ever.
  4. In Paris, I was once again reminded how lucky I am to be able to live the way I do , with a roof over my head and all the luxuries I possess – Paris was full of people begging for money and food or simply attention , a situation I didn’t really know how to respectfully handle it other than to walk away. I hope that I will be able the deal with the situation better one day.

Paris was a bit messy and wild but I really exjoyed the experience , and maybe , who knows , I will be going back there some day !

I will upload my travel vlog soon hopefully , for now I wish you a good start into the week , take care x.



shoes to survive the apocalypse

Hey there !

Considering the upcoming post it sounds pretty hypocritical to say that I almost never buy any clothes and that I actually hate it a lot , but we all have exceptions in our behavior and we all grow from time to time .

My mom decided for me, that I couldn’t wear my old trusty boots anymore , I had them for 2 years now and they were pretty damaged as they were the only pair I had ( except for trainers) .

So now I got some new boots . And damn , I love them .


DSC00126DSC00121                   DSC00121

The first boots are from . Originally I bought them to wear with my confirmation dress ( my brothers confirmation ) but I will probably wear them daily or sometimes , because I don’t buy shoes just for one time .

They are of course cruelty-free and made of fake leather !


The second shoes are these plateau (?) boots . I could probably buy every single pair of black boots , heeled or not . They make me feel so fierce and badass.

These are to wear every day and they are cruelty free too !

At the beginning they were a little stiff and hurt a little bit around my ankles but now that I wore them around the house for a bit they feel much better !

I got these from h&m !


And sometimes when I wear these boots , I feel like I could survive an apocalypse , but then I remember that my cardio sucks , and I would probably die after 20 minutes of running .

These shoes are also an example to show that there is no need to use the skin of animals to get some badass shoes . It is therefore effortless to reduce the suffering of animals .

Have a badass day and kick some ass !

X , Janina


What I eat in a week // Food and workout log

Hello loves ,

for this week  I though it would be nice and interesting to note down all of the things I eat /ate this week and also what work-outs I did .This is just to give you and also me a better look on how I manage nutrition and sports during the busy school week . Ready ? Let’s go !

Monday :

BREAKFAST : 8:45  Raspberry -banana iced smoothie bowl . Just blend a cup of almond milk with frozen raspberries and bananas and sprinkle some granola on top 🙂

SNACK 1 : 11:30 Pretzel bun and detox water over the day .

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK 2 : 17:30  1 peeled mango with a small handful of raisins + raw vegan chocolate bite

DINNER  : 18:45 bowl of noodles with tomato sauce with cooked zuccini .

Workout of the day : 50 minute HIIT Cardio and core workout by fitnessblender .


Note : Oh my , today was such a long and busy day but I am very proud of eating healthy all day and absolutely killing my workout . Today I was at school from 9 am to 5 pm , and watched some JANE THE VIRGIN ( one and only love ) . Now after working out I still have to go through my french vocabulary again and read something for gender class , but I am perfectly on time . emoji OTD :  ✊


Tuesday :

BREAKFAST : 6:30  Oatmeal with almond milk , maple syrup and frozen berries

SNACK : 11:30 2 bananas and 1 oat-blueberry bar

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK 2 : 16:00 2 potatoes

DINNER : 19:00 Rosemary flavored potatoes with spinach and hot sauce , For dessert raw vegan chocolate bite !

WORKOUT of the day : 40 minute Upper body strength training 


Note : Workout yet to be done . Long but interesting day at school until 4 , wasted my time , did homework , cleaned up my room , had dinner . now I will workout and learn french vocab for the test tomorrow . Wish me luck xx emoji OTD : 🏻 👐



BREAKFAST : Oatmeal with apples and maple syrup .

SNACK : 1 Banana

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK : purple potato chips

DINNER : lentilsoup and two plates of pie and two cookies, consider CHEAT DAY done .

WORKOUT of the day : PE class ( volleyball and pilates )


NOTES : wow I feel very stuffed with food . School was okay , the „workout“ was alright but not too challenging . And apparently a friend of mine is having problems so I made her chocolate chip cookies and we will talk tonight, while I am babysitting and I still  need to do maths homework . Yes life is busy right now , but I will be okay 🙂



BREAKFAST : Semolina porridge with banana , pomegranate seeds and maple syrup.

LUNCH: Bread with butter and vegetable soup .

DINNER : chopped up apple and bell pepper , bread bun with salsa sauce

Workout of the day : 50 minute HIIT and legs/butt 



BREAKFAST : chocolate oatmeal with maple syrup and pomegranate seeds .

LUNCH : Moroccan burger patties with microwaved sweet potato , with broccoli and carrot , topped with tahini sauce .

DINNER : chocolate banana oatmeal , yes .

SNACK : chocolate chip cookie ❤


Alright that was fun ! See my diet isn’t perfect but I’m trying here .

Have a wonderful day











3 easy vegan breakfasts – BACK TO BASICS

Hello fruitsbats ,

as you know they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day . Creativity wise , that is true because mornings tend to be my most creative time of the day .

So whether you are a vegetarian , vegan or you just like healthy eating and switching things up once in a while , these super simple meals , done in no time will hopefully inspire you !

Keep in mind that these are very basic and can be changed up and substituted completely if you’d like to ! Now have fun and I hope you enjoy these …



Breakfast No 1 : Semolina porridge

What you need : 40 gramms of semolina                                                                                                               200 ml of milk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ( optional : handful of raisins , 1 tbsp of maple syrup , banana and                                           pommegranate seeds , really any fruit you want )

Instructions : Bring the milk to boil in a pot and carefully add in the semolina , continuously stirring it with a whisk for 30 seconds . Then put it off the stove and let it sit for a minute . Last step is to transfer it into a bowl and decorate it .

Health fact : Semolina is an excellent source of iron , improves your cardiovascular healht and helps you feel full longer as it digest very slowly which prevents you from overeating .



Breakfast No.2 : Banana Ice cream

This breakfast is perfect on a hot summer morning , when all you want to do is carb the heck up and get your energy levels straight up .

Ingredients : As many bananas as you want , frozen fruit or even greens

Instructions : Chop up your bananas and freeze them for at least 4 hours . Put them in a food processor / blender and mix all the ingredients together . Voilà !

Tip : if plain fruit isn’t enough for you, add some oats for example or in general ,just get creative with it and adjust to your level of perfection 😉




Breakfast No.3 : Rainbow oats with chocolate mousse

Ingredients : 50 or more gramms of oats , non dairy milk , cocoa powder , maple syrup and fruit

Instructions : Bring your milk to boil and add your oats , stirring until you have a creamy texture ( you can also use water instead of milk ) . Transfer into a bowl . Chop up your fruit and put that on top . In a small cup add 2 tbsp of cocoa powder and maple syrup until you end up with a mousse like texture .Add this on top of your fruit and there you have an instagram worthy breakfast .


Note ; Be sure to go crazy on these and create your own combinations and creations . Here are some more examples if you’d like :



Have a wonderful day !


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Lazy vegan food ideas 🍊 🍞 🍦

Hey everybody , this is a post for all of you lazy people out there , vegans or non vegans , it doesn’t really matter .

As a matter of fact people have continuously  told me that following a plant based diet is „too restrictive “ , “ too hard “ and „very lavish“ but ladies and gentlemen I am here to prove to you that a plant based meal can be as boring and effortless than every other . Just kidding , well what I mean is that it is none of the listed above . Here is a little list of what easy ass meals you can make ( mostly things I’d eat bc I am lazy af)  :

Breakfast :

  • toast with butter and jam , or avocado or chocolate spread , or banana and peanut butter
  • cereal , I like cinnamon crunch with oat milk and a sliced banana , or chocolate cereal with cake crumbles , why not ?
  • smoothies , simple as that . Or smoothie bowls as I am still adjusting to fruit only in the morning
  • ice cream , or better called banana ice cream , frozen and blended banana slices in every flavor you want , you can adjust and alter it by simply adding cocoa powder , or fresh fruit to it .
  • oatmeal / porridge : the classics , hot cooked oats topped with fruit or other stuff like chocolate and nuts ( this is what I usually eat on school days when I don’t have a lot of time and it honestly takes me 10 minutes to get a healthy and filling breakfast)
  • you can eat cake if you want to ??!!??!!

Lunch or Dinner :

  • my number one : noodles with tomato sauce
  • any kind of vegetable soup like for example  carrot and potato (just steam and blend the vegetables with some spices and serve with bread tadaaa
  • wraps (Pita or Tortilla bread is nice) filled with salad , tomatoes , cucumber corn mushrooms etc..
  • rice with basically everything
  • sandwiches with stuff on them
  • vegetable sushi with sweet potato fries = heaven
  • vegan burgers
  • like any kind of salad if you are up to it


Snacks :

  •  chocolate chip cookies , pies , cake or any kind of baked treats
  • bliss balls aka little self made pralines out of nuts dates and other stuff like chocolate
  • any kind of fruit or vegetable with hummus or nut butter 🍉 🍇 🍓
  • banana ice cream or soy / coconut ice cream
  •  rice waffles with pb and strawberry marmalade

This is mostly what I eat and if you are looking for a few really easy food ideas that don’t require a lot of work here you are .

Let me know if you are interested in any topics or recipes , I’m listening 🍴
















autumn food inspiration // healthy and vegan recipes

hello everybody ,

today I would love to share some of my favorite fall food recipes , all of them are vegan and healthy , and fit perfectly to the autumn atmosphere. So get ready for warm breakfasts and cinnamon sprinkled muffins ∇

Creamy banana porridge with crushed walnuts 


This ones just the perfect breakfast on a morning when it’s still dark outside , warm and comforting , tasting like heaven and also it’s super easy to make .

What you’ll need : 1/2 cup of oats , 1 cup of vegan milk , 1 banana , some walnuts

How to : add oats and milk to a sauce pan and heat it up , mash up one banana and mix it into the mixture . Let that cook for a minute then transfer into a bowl , top with walnuts and maybe some agave or maple syrup and enjoy !

Crunchy apple cinnamon muffins 


Next are these easy and delicious muffins which I am sure you will love , they are moist yet crunchy . NO Oil and healthy ingredients only .

What you will need : 190 grams of flour , 120 grams of sugar , 150 ml of vegan milk  2 tsp of cinnamon , 1 tbsp of baking powder  , 100 ml of apple sauce , 1 big chopped apple  .

How to : Mix all the ingredients into a bowl , then fill into your baking tins ( makes 12) , bake at 175 degrees C for about 20-30 minutes . ( PS: they are best when still warm)

Mexican inspired soup 


I love soups especially in the autumn and winter time , they are just so nice and comforting . This one will make you feel so nice and cozy , and it also features the love of my life : sweet potatoes . So let’s get started .

You will need : half an onion , one sweet potato , 1 can of tomato sauce , 1 can of kidney beans , salt and pepper, paprika powder and chili powder .

Start by heating your pan and add the chopped onion and sweet potato with a plash of water , so it doesn’t get burned. let this cook for about 5-10 minutes until the SP is soft , then add the tomato sauce , kidney beans ( don’t forget to rinse them!!). Then add some spices , you can use all you want . Let that cook for another 10 minutes . Serve with bread , because bread is amazing!!

That is it for now, I hope you like it and let me know if you try any of them .

Until next time, love

3 month vegan : check in

Three months ago , I became a vegan . My intentions were to eat healthy and in a way I did not harm any other beings around me . I thought it would be fun and kind of interesting to document my current situation , and the way things have gone since I started eating plant based .

Firsts first …

Do I label myself as any kind of vegan (raw , rawtillfour , hclf..) ??                                – No , I do not intend to . I have certain goals or guidelines on how I want to eat , but for me the most important thing is being a vegan at all.

Do I take any supplements , why?                                                                                         -I do take vitamin B12 and some calcium every few days ,because b12 is pretty rare in plants and I don’t want to cut it out completely.

About my daily eating routine : I have 3 main meals , and usually a few snacks ,also I try to drink at least 2 liters a day . I try to eat a lot of carbs ,  greens at least once a day  , I use oat milk .

Now about some developments , I would like to do this kind of thing every 3 months or so , just to check .

Body / mind : Overall I feel good  ,  my mind is very clear and focused and the food I eat support my healing , mentally and physically. I feel like veganism has made me more responsible in a way , more involved , I feel more comfortable in social situations . I have lost 3 kgs ( ˜6 lbs) , my acne is a tiny bit better but not gone . I have noticed that my hair and nails are growing better and stronger !!

cravings : cravings for non vegan food are almost non existent , sometimes when I’m really hungry I still crave cheese a little but it’s very exceptional . I do have sweet and chocolate cravings, but that’s okay I guess.

sleep schedule : I’m still working on getting back to my 9 hours of sleep – early sleeping routine but I’m getting there . I usually feel very energized and relaxed after sleeping , 10/10

Foods I eat : Bananas , oats , cereal , oat milk , berries ( typical for breakfast)                                   potatoes , rice , vegetables ,  noddles , beans ( typical for lunch)                                     greens , veggies , bread, quinoa , spreads etc

snacks : apples with cinnamon , dark vegan chocolate , vegan cookies , applesauce

Of course that’s not all I eat but those are the classics ∗

For now this lifestyle makes me very happy , and I hope for it to continue this way!