What I eat in a week // Food and workout log

Hello loves ,

for this week  I though it would be nice and interesting to note down all of the things I eat /ate this week and also what work-outs I did .This is just to give you and also me a better look on how I manage nutrition and sports during the busy school week . Ready ? Let’s go !

Monday :

BREAKFAST : 8:45  Raspberry -banana iced smoothie bowl . Just blend a cup of almond milk with frozen raspberries and bananas and sprinkle some granola on top 🙂

SNACK 1 : 11:30 Pretzel bun and detox water over the day .

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK 2 : 17:30  1 peeled mango with a small handful of raisins + raw vegan chocolate bite

DINNER  : 18:45 bowl of noodles with tomato sauce with cooked zuccini .

Workout of the day : 50 minute HIIT Cardio and core workout by fitnessblender .


Note : Oh my , today was such a long and busy day but I am very proud of eating healthy all day and absolutely killing my workout . Today I was at school from 9 am to 5 pm , and watched some JANE THE VIRGIN ( one and only love ) . Now after working out I still have to go through my french vocabulary again and read something for gender class , but I am perfectly on time . emoji OTD :  ✊


Tuesday :

BREAKFAST : 6:30  Oatmeal with almond milk , maple syrup and frozen berries

SNACK : 11:30 2 bananas and 1 oat-blueberry bar

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK 2 : 16:00 2 potatoes

DINNER : 19:00 Rosemary flavored potatoes with spinach and hot sauce , For dessert raw vegan chocolate bite !

WORKOUT of the day : 40 minute Upper body strength training 


Note : Workout yet to be done . Long but interesting day at school until 4 , wasted my time , did homework , cleaned up my room , had dinner . now I will workout and learn french vocab for the test tomorrow . Wish me luck xx emoji OTD : 🏻 👐



BREAKFAST : Oatmeal with apples and maple syrup .

SNACK : 1 Banana

LUNCH :   13:30 cous-cous salad with pizza flavored wraps smothered with hummus

SNACK : purple potato chips

DINNER : lentilsoup and two plates of pie and two cookies, consider CHEAT DAY done .

WORKOUT of the day : PE class ( volleyball and pilates )


NOTES : wow I feel very stuffed with food . School was okay , the „workout“ was alright but not too challenging . And apparently a friend of mine is having problems so I made her chocolate chip cookies and we will talk tonight, while I am babysitting and I still  need to do maths homework . Yes life is busy right now , but I will be okay 🙂



BREAKFAST : Semolina porridge with banana , pomegranate seeds and maple syrup.

LUNCH: Bread with butter and vegetable soup .

DINNER : chopped up apple and bell pepper , bread bun with salsa sauce

Workout of the day : 50 minute HIIT and legs/butt 



BREAKFAST : chocolate oatmeal with maple syrup and pomegranate seeds .

LUNCH : Moroccan burger patties with microwaved sweet potato , with broccoli and carrot , topped with tahini sauce .

DINNER : chocolate banana oatmeal , yes .

SNACK : chocolate chip cookie ❤


Alright that was fun ! See my diet isn’t perfect but I’m trying here .

Have a wonderful day












Lazy vegan food ideas 🍊 🍞 🍦

Hey everybody , this is a post for all of you lazy people out there , vegans or non vegans , it doesn’t really matter .

As a matter of fact people have continuously  told me that following a plant based diet is „too restrictive “ , “ too hard “ and „very lavish“ but ladies and gentlemen I am here to prove to you that a plant based meal can be as boring and effortless than every other . Just kidding , well what I mean is that it is none of the listed above . Here is a little list of what easy ass meals you can make ( mostly things I’d eat bc I am lazy af)  :

Breakfast :

  • toast with butter and jam , or avocado or chocolate spread , or banana and peanut butter
  • cereal , I like cinnamon crunch with oat milk and a sliced banana , or chocolate cereal with cake crumbles , why not ?
  • smoothies , simple as that . Or smoothie bowls as I am still adjusting to fruit only in the morning
  • ice cream , or better called banana ice cream , frozen and blended banana slices in every flavor you want , you can adjust and alter it by simply adding cocoa powder , or fresh fruit to it .
  • oatmeal / porridge : the classics , hot cooked oats topped with fruit or other stuff like chocolate and nuts ( this is what I usually eat on school days when I don’t have a lot of time and it honestly takes me 10 minutes to get a healthy and filling breakfast)
  • you can eat cake if you want to ??!!??!!

Lunch or Dinner :

  • my number one : noodles with tomato sauce
  • any kind of vegetable soup like for example  carrot and potato (just steam and blend the vegetables with some spices and serve with bread tadaaa
  • wraps (Pita or Tortilla bread is nice) filled with salad , tomatoes , cucumber corn mushrooms etc..
  • rice with basically everything
  • sandwiches with stuff on them
  • vegetable sushi with sweet potato fries = heaven
  • vegan burgers
  • like any kind of salad if you are up to it


Snacks :

  •  chocolate chip cookies , pies , cake or any kind of baked treats
  • bliss balls aka little self made pralines out of nuts dates and other stuff like chocolate
  • any kind of fruit or vegetable with hummus or nut butter 🍉 🍇 🍓
  • banana ice cream or soy / coconut ice cream
  •  rice waffles with pb and strawberry marmalade

This is mostly what I eat and if you are looking for a few really easy food ideas that don’t require a lot of work here you are .

Let me know if you are interested in any topics or recipes , I’m listening 🍴

















It’s okay to eat . Sometimes more than 1900 calories per day .

Even though you had that snack already

because your mind won’t shut about food .


It’s necessary to eat . It’s necessary to eat .

You need to eat . You need to eat .


It’s okay to have round and soft hips they are beautiful.

It’s okay to have a loose stomach it is beautiful.

It’s okay to have strong and flabby big thighs , they are you .


Please eat . Don’t put your plate away .

Eat . Live . Choose .

Choose to love , choose happiness

Please eat . Don’t put your plate away.


You don’t need to look like the models

Yes they are beautiful , but so are you

You are stronger than this

You are worth it . You can do this .


Please , don’t treat your body like a long gone fashion trend

your beauty is always present

in your thoughts and your deeds

and your looks and your presence


Eat . Don’t put away your plate

You are worth so much more than this

See what you see in your best friend





– For when you feel ugly and disgusting because you ate cereal after dinner , and don’t know how to feel







autumn food inspiration // healthy and vegan recipes

hello everybody ,

today I would love to share some of my favorite fall food recipes , all of them are vegan and healthy , and fit perfectly to the autumn atmosphere. So get ready for warm breakfasts and cinnamon sprinkled muffins ∇

Creamy banana porridge with crushed walnuts 


This ones just the perfect breakfast on a morning when it’s still dark outside , warm and comforting , tasting like heaven and also it’s super easy to make .

What you’ll need : 1/2 cup of oats , 1 cup of vegan milk , 1 banana , some walnuts

How to : add oats and milk to a sauce pan and heat it up , mash up one banana and mix it into the mixture . Let that cook for a minute then transfer into a bowl , top with walnuts and maybe some agave or maple syrup and enjoy !

Crunchy apple cinnamon muffins 


Next are these easy and delicious muffins which I am sure you will love , they are moist yet crunchy . NO Oil and healthy ingredients only .

What you will need : 190 grams of flour , 120 grams of sugar , 150 ml of vegan milk  2 tsp of cinnamon , 1 tbsp of baking powder  , 100 ml of apple sauce , 1 big chopped apple  .

How to : Mix all the ingredients into a bowl , then fill into your baking tins ( makes 12) , bake at 175 degrees C for about 20-30 minutes . ( PS: they are best when still warm)

Mexican inspired soup 


I love soups especially in the autumn and winter time , they are just so nice and comforting . This one will make you feel so nice and cozy , and it also features the love of my life : sweet potatoes . So let’s get started .

You will need : half an onion , one sweet potato , 1 can of tomato sauce , 1 can of kidney beans , salt and pepper, paprika powder and chili powder .

Start by heating your pan and add the chopped onion and sweet potato with a plash of water , so it doesn’t get burned. let this cook for about 5-10 minutes until the SP is soft , then add the tomato sauce , kidney beans ( don’t forget to rinse them!!). Then add some spices , you can use all you want . Let that cook for another 10 minutes . Serve with bread , because bread is amazing!!

That is it for now, I hope you like it and let me know if you try any of them .

Until next time, love

Roses are red , vegans eat greens

A story about how I actually started craving salad . lol.

Hello beautiful people , do you ever have a goal to do something , then you do it and after a while you tend to forget how important it once was ? No? Well , at least for me , that is what happened to me .

About a little more than two months ago , I changed my vegetarian diet into a plant-based one ( aka the best decision of my life ) . First of all my parents weren’t too fond of it , but after some good agruments they agreed to support me.

It seems to be a trend of our generation to eat vegan , but we have our reasons. And I think our reasons are good . I turned vegan for ethnical and health reasons , because it fits my lifestyle and for now it makes me very happy.

No , I do not think it is hard , or boring . I have never been so excited about eating healthy food in my life and despite the “ where do you get ur protein “ and “ u neeed ur meat “ opinions people say I inspire them and they think it is great .

I love eating whole foods , no fake meat or egg substitution ,but mostly  vegetables , fruit , beans and grains , and I absolutely adore it . Need an example ?

Let me present you my “ chocolate cake blackberry ice cream sundae “ !!


It is creamy , delicous and perfect to share ( or eat two rounds on your own )

  1. step one : make a vegan chocolate cake                                                                                300 gramms sugar                                                                                                              450 gramms flour                                                                                                                6 tbsp of cocoa powder                                                                                                      2 tsp of baking powder                                                                                                        150 ml of oil                                                                                                                          250 ml of plant based milk                                                                                                about 100 ml of water ( depends)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mix everything in a bowl , pour into baking pan and bake for 30-45 minutes at 175 degrees °C .
  • two : make your chocolate ice cream                                                                                       – freeze about 4 bananas (chopped )                                                                               – after 3 or 4 hours blend them with 2 tbsp of cocoa powder / carob                       – perfection
  • step three : create sundae                                                                                                       In your glass layer  your ice cream , blackberries and chocolate cake crumbles , serve immediately.