Panic attacks and where to find them pt2

You don't exclusively find them in England , but mostly. The last 48 hours have been and are probably the hardest time I've evern had , and the biggest challenge I have taken on. I'm in England, as au pair to a small french family of the Mom and three boys, It's rough. I have never … Panic attacks and where to find them pt2 weiterlesen


How will I ever be able to tell you how much your heart helps my heart heal. How your attention numbs the pain inside my chest and fills the hole inside my stomach with loveliness , less loneliness. I find back to reality through you .

Maybe that's me . I have never went to bed at 5:36 in the morning , when the sky is not as dark at the trees anymore. Never went to bed with my lashes coated in mascara and skin covered in a better me . I never got asked to smoke with somebody , never … weiterlesen