Okay , lets face it . I really have time . I leave for England by the end of August, to be an au pair for a while , time period undefined.

School is officially over , everything . It’s still hard to believe that this is the end. No more teachers and exams , not one more happy lunch break or good English exam.

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony , I wore a pretty red dress and smiled when I was awarded two language prizes . Afterwards we drove to a river and sat by the edge under small lit lights and a full moon. Drinking champagne and talking . I was a little drunk and it was funny , even if I felt stupid. No hangover though !

Today I feel empty . I feel lonely and lost and I can’t get myself to do things. I have put new sheets on my bed and finished a book. I have sent the family pictures I took for my friend to them . I be cuddled my guinea pigs .

I’ve felt sleepy since about five hours. I don’t like this mood.



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  1. Congratulations.. 🙂 I am glad everything worked ou well. I am suprised that you are going to England. A completely new phase of life starts for you now. And its normal you feel this way.. Everything will change now and your brain knows that 🙂 Add some pictures of London in your next posts when you are there 🙂

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    1. thank you love , I am glad too to have finally have found something. I was pretty hesitant , but a good friend gave me the advice to not expect it to be perfect. Hope you’re feeling alright x

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