Friday affirmations

dear life , I'm about to word vomit all over this keyboard. And if my mind doesn't shut down completely after a few sentences someone will actually be able to read this. Stress and worry is getting to my core. I was somehow able to shield it off for so long , but now my … Friday affirmations weiterlesen


Middle drawer nostalgia .

One drawer. Countless memories. 3 letters from an almost lover. 1 Phone, from age 14-16. I can't figure out how to access it. 2 cards from an old exchange student. I miss the time I spent with her. I miss the way I was in England. 2 concert tickets, one from my teenage boy band, … Middle drawer nostalgia . weiterlesen

Home .

I recently stumbled across a quote from the movie the hobbit. " Go back to your books, your fireplace. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more of us valued home above gold, it would be a merrier world." And despite my non-deniable passion and fascination with Tolkien's world and words I was still sobbing internally … Home . weiterlesen