Death is not the same as coming home.

My best friend told me that sometimes, she hears darkness calling her name. That this life doesn’t make any sense for some time now. What I thought of immediately was a poem I had read some time ago. “

“ It’s hard, not wanting to die. Dying is not the same as going home“.

going home is falling into comfort and certainty

it’s sleep and music, the things I love most in this world

because they make me feel alive

because they make feel like I  can breathe again

so I’m losing myself as I slowly find myself again


5 Gedanken zu “Death is not the same as coming home.

  1. ‚going home is falling into comfort and certainty‘, beautiful and true.
    For me it’s music, series, books and video games. Video games are really fun and helped me to get through many of my depressions.

    Gefällt mir

      1. If you change, you will still be yourself! In fact, if you realize you have something to change, that will only mean you are improving to be ‚a better yourself‘. Just like you said. Have a great day, don’t put your smile away today (:

        Gefällt mir

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