Three layers of my personality

People say there are three forms of yourself. The Person your friend think you are . The person you think you are . And  the person you really are.

Being generally interested in personality, I love thinking about this and I always like to know what others think about me .

I also like to imagine these forms of myself as layers. Because they go increasingly close towards your soul.

But how do I look in these layers ? I added a fourth layer on how strangers perceive me !

First layer : I’m quiet and shy. I stay in the back and am not very dominant . I’m your classic wallflower . A bit insecure but still very tidy.

Second layer: I’m hard to impress but kind. I’m talkative and love deep conversations. I’m not very spontaneous and unsure sometimes. I don’t trust easily . I have most things under control.  I am self-confident.

Third layer: I’m scared of a lot of things. I trust easily and too fast sometimes. I choose my friends very careful but I get kind of clingy around them. I have a lot of thoughts. I’m trying to look self-confident but I am very insecure most of the time.

Fourth layer : I don’t know who I really am . Nobody does I guess. I know some things but they are just character traits .

How would others perceive you ?

All my love , J.


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