Oh October , where did you go ?

Do you know the feeling , when you kind of don’t remember what you did last weekend ?

No , I don’t mean under the influence of drugs.

I mean sometimes you pass your time doing nothing specific , and in the end, it feels like you accomplished absolutely nothing , even though you took what feels like a thousand little steps forward.

Well , that’s how I feel about October. I feel like October was like having  a TV show running in the back.

And now , bam ! November is here , not just around the corner , here ! And so many things are happening . I’m already stressed , feeling sick from time to time when I think about school and my future.

Halloween was very lovely and I am glad I could spend it with people who I enjoy spending my time a lot. This week I spent part time at my desk studying and part-time in bed which wasn’t the best way considering my food intake , but oh well , I’m good.

Autumn is turning into a dark and misty mess , and so do I.


Happy September , work hard & be kind.




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