3 tips for self-love and recovery !

( disclaimer : I’m not an expert . Any recommendations are from personal experience )

Hello loves ,

I know it has been a while , but I’ve just really been enjoying my summer holidays so far and I proudly admit , I have been very lazy.

Today I would like to share 3 tips on how to love yourself . It took quite some time to figure these out myself but they have really helped me beat my relapse thoughts , negative feelings and bad days , and I hope that I can help you a little with them .

Again, I would like to emphasise that I’m not a professional or a doctor in this matter , these are just personal thoughts , aimed to ameliorate your relationship with your body.

Tip #1 : Take care of the way you dress.

Now dressing can be very stressful for people in recovering , including me and a lot of my panic attacks occur in situations where I get dressed . Yet clothes can make us feel amazing if we choose the right ways to handle them .

  • If shopping malls stress you out as much as they stress me out , I’d recommend ordering online from time to time , but don’t avoid shopping in public completely , as this will only nourish your fear . I personally feel a lot better when I can try on new clothes in my room , a safe space with less pressure .
  • Don’t keep clothes that don’t fit you anymore , and how did I struggle with this . Keeping clothes that are too small , because you think they might fit you again in the future isn’t a positive thing to do , it only encourages you to go back to obsessive behaviour . Buy new clothes in your size and accept yourself the way you look now . ( I’ll talk more about this later )
  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident ! If you don’t like a certain outfit that’s okay , what helps is to accentuate body parts you like , for example, you like your upper body but your legs not so much .  In this case , wearing dark pants and a bright or colourful top will focus the view on your upper body and you will love the result !


Tip #2 : Focus on your physical health too !

There is a lot to consider about mental health too for sure , but I believe  good physical health is necessary for overall well-being .

  • Eat like you love yourself . Proper nutrition is so important and I promise you will feel so much better about yourself when you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and in general whole healthy foods . The impact on your physical well-being are outstanding and you will have more energy , sleep better and feel amazing !
  • Focus on the small things too , like having some plants in your room for fresh air , or opening a window at night, getting enough sleep and water, going outside every now and then . .These things may seem like nothing but they matter . Sitting inside all day is  nice , but going outside in the sun for even just 15 minutes will boost your mood like nothing !
  • Move your body ! Find out what is the minimal level of „working out“to make you feel better , that way you have great results on your mood with minimal efforts. No matter if it’s going for a walk , a run, doing pilates , lifting weights , hiking , riding your bike .. there are so many possibilities to challenge yourself and have so many health benefits !

Tip #3 : Mind the attitude .

The way we think and talk about ourselves matters , and we should always try to be kind to ourselves no matter what . A positive or even calm and focused attitude will help you a lot !

  • Learn how to acknowledge the beauty of others without questioning your own. Comparing yourself to others is toxic and it drags you down , we are all different and we all deserve to be happy , so try to focus on yourself . ( Also : Surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you nothing but happy , if not , they are not worth it )
  • Learn how to love yourself . And by that I mean mentally and physically . Learn to love and accept your body , whatever it might look like , because this is your safe space , your property and your home and loving it might be worth your while and WILL make your life easier.
  • Realise that your beauty always comes from within ( cheesy , but true) . I used to think , that if I was skinny , had the perfect hair and skin , that if I looked a certain way I would be perfect , but boy was I wrong. When you start seeing that looks don’t matter to you and to most people ( to a certain extent they matter but not as much as you think they do ) , you start focusing on your character , on your relationships , on your kindness and compassion , on your strengths and that’s what is truly beautiful.
  • A negative mindset will never bring you a happy life , but it’s okay to be sad sometimes and fall back , as long as you get back on track in time .

Finally ,I can only recommend you to write it down or talk to someone when things go down , learn learn learn about yourself and be kind to your body !

You deserve to be happy !


dog sitting experience – 10 days with a dog

Hello, everybody !

For the past 9 days, I have been taking care of a dog . He is a beautiful black Labrador , who’s family asked me to watch him for a week and a half while they are on vacation.

Today is the second last day so I decided to talk to you about my experience , my struggles and  as always , what I have learned and loved so far.

So first things first . I have lived here , about 5 minutes from my parent’s house mostly on my own in these 9 days . Occasionally some friends or my sister showed up and I went home for lunch almost every day.

My day:

I got up at 7:30 every morning , had a banana or a glass of water and then went for a walk with the dog ( Max) .  I went for 4 or more walks every day , either 4 long ones around 40 minutes or more and smaller ones. In between I usually watched TV or Netflix/youtube , cooked , worked out from time to time . I also went on two trips with my family , while Max stayed at home .

All in all , it was a very unproblematic and relaxing experience . I loved going outside into the woods first thing in the morning , and I loved spending most of the time all alone . It was really great !

On the other hand I learned a lot of things about being alone , and being alone with myself.

  1. I love to spend alone a lot of my time , but I start to crave human contact after a while. I started to appreciate good conversation even more .
  2. I don’t get homesick , I get catsick . What I missed most living somewhere else just for a few days , was my cat . Before this I always thought with a dog you could never feel lonely , but in fact , the dog couldn’t replace my cat. To me , dogs are completely different in their behavior and their vibe , as an introvert, cats don’t pull on my energy levely , they help me feel good and recharge , dogs make me tired after a while , and I need a break from them.
  3. It was so intresting living on my own . And it was all the small things. It was being independent in so many small ways , like deciding when to get up and when to go to sleep. Deciding if I want cereal for dinner and lunch , deciding whether to watch TV all day or not.
  4. I could never have a dog on my own . It might depend a lot on the dog , but one dog is really a lot of work . They aren’t like cats , they are time consuming , they depend a lot on you , they need lots and lots of attention . Of course they are wonderful and kind and I guess if you are a dog person they really can be your best friends . But I grew up with cats  , and for me , they are everything to me . I always feel like there is a balance between cats and me.
  5. To overcome a fear you have to go through it and learn how to control it . A few years ago I thought I could never sleep in a house on my own , with no other person with me , but I did . It just kind of happen . Like the quote „life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans“  and of course I was a little scared, shot up straight when I heard a weird noise , but it turned out to be fine in the end , and I’m really proud of myself for that.

So that was my experience so far , and even though I learned a lot , and it was nice spending sometime alone , I am happy to be home real soon .

Love  , J.