Lazy vegan food ideas 🍊 🍞 🍦

Hey everybody , this is a post for all of you lazy people out there , vegans or non vegans , it doesn’t really matter .

As a matter of fact people have continuously  told me that following a plant based diet is „too restrictive “ , “ too hard “ and „very lavish“ but ladies and gentlemen I am here to prove to you that a plant based meal can be as boring and effortless than every other . Just kidding , well what I mean is that it is none of the listed above . Here is a little list of what easy ass meals you can make ( mostly things I’d eat bc I am lazy af)  :

Breakfast :

  • toast with butter and jam , or avocado or chocolate spread , or banana and peanut butter
  • cereal , I like cinnamon crunch with oat milk and a sliced banana , or chocolate cereal with cake crumbles , why not ?
  • smoothies , simple as that . Or smoothie bowls as I am still adjusting to fruit only in the morning
  • ice cream , or better called banana ice cream , frozen and blended banana slices in every flavor you want , you can adjust and alter it by simply adding cocoa powder , or fresh fruit to it .
  • oatmeal / porridge : the classics , hot cooked oats topped with fruit or other stuff like chocolate and nuts ( this is what I usually eat on school days when I don’t have a lot of time and it honestly takes me 10 minutes to get a healthy and filling breakfast)
  • you can eat cake if you want to ??!!??!!

Lunch or Dinner :

  • my number one : noodles with tomato sauce
  • any kind of vegetable soup like for example  carrot and potato (just steam and blend the vegetables with some spices and serve with bread tadaaa
  • wraps (Pita or Tortilla bread is nice) filled with salad , tomatoes , cucumber corn mushrooms etc..
  • rice with basically everything
  • sandwiches with stuff on them
  • vegetable sushi with sweet potato fries = heaven
  • vegan burgers
  • like any kind of salad if you are up to it


Snacks :

  •  chocolate chip cookies , pies , cake or any kind of baked treats
  • bliss balls aka little self made pralines out of nuts dates and other stuff like chocolate
  • any kind of fruit or vegetable with hummus or nut butter 🍉 🍇 🍓
  • banana ice cream or soy / coconut ice cream
  •  rice waffles with pb and strawberry marmalade

This is mostly what I eat and if you are looking for a few really easy food ideas that don’t require a lot of work here you are .

Let me know if you are interested in any topics or recipes , I’m listening 🍴

















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