It’s okay to eat . Sometimes more than 1900 calories per day .

Even though you had that snack already

because your mind won’t shut about food .


It’s necessary to eat . It’s necessary to eat .

You need to eat . You need to eat .


It’s okay to have round and soft hips they are beautiful.

It’s okay to have a loose stomach it is beautiful.

It’s okay to have strong and flabby big thighs , they are you .


Please eat . Don’t put your plate away .

Eat . Live . Choose .

Choose to love , choose happiness

Please eat . Don’t put your plate away.


You don’t need to look like the models

Yes they are beautiful , but so are you

You are stronger than this

You are worth it . You can do this .


Please , don’t treat your body like a long gone fashion trend

your beauty is always present

in your thoughts and your deeds

and your looks and your presence


Eat . Don’t put away your plate

You are worth so much more than this

See what you see in your best friend





– For when you feel ugly and disgusting because you ate cereal after dinner , and don’t know how to feel








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