About coping with stress

It’s Tuesday the 24th of November and I am stressed . By what ? By thinking about stress .

For what I have learned  the best way to handle stress is being aware of it . Try to be conscious why you might feel this way right now , is it school , is it family or friends ?   For me right now it is even just thinking about school and all of the things I will have to do . But the stress about thinking about school is making me feel even more uncomfortable overall so I transform this fear in other parts of my life which makes this whole thing even harder . For example : On a stressed and exhausting day the size of my hips might matter more to me than on a relaxed day .

The next step would be to find out what triggers your stress . You might not be able to remove them , but decrease their impact on your day . So now you know you are stressed but what can you change about that ?:

  • clean something , make your bed , sort through your old books ,it always helps me to make things look neat and clean , kind of reflecting how you want your inside to look like
  • brush your teeth or take a shower , wash your face . A clean canvas to work on .
  • drink some water or peppermint tea to hydrate your cells . It will relax you and make you work better .
  • write things down , text a friend , write a blog post about it (duh)
  • know that stress can be useful and motivation in moderate amounts but that you should not be dictated by it on how you want to use and shape your day

My body cope with stress the easy way : sleep and fear .

It is hard for me not to go to sleep straight away when I get scared or stressed by something , my second instinct is to eat , which sometimes leads to overeating , but I think this one I got under control .

Whatever might stress you , I hope you are aware that you can overcome this feeling and things will get better ! Just keep fighting okay? That’s what I am trying to do ..


Much love ❤


Lazy vegan food ideas 🍊 🍞 🍦

Hey everybody , this is a post for all of you lazy people out there , vegans or non vegans , it doesn’t really matter .

As a matter of fact people have continuously  told me that following a plant based diet is „too restrictive “ , “ too hard “ and „very lavish“ but ladies and gentlemen I am here to prove to you that a plant based meal can be as boring and effortless than every other . Just kidding , well what I mean is that it is none of the listed above . Here is a little list of what easy ass meals you can make ( mostly things I’d eat bc I am lazy af)  :

Breakfast :

  • toast with butter and jam , or avocado or chocolate spread , or banana and peanut butter
  • cereal , I like cinnamon crunch with oat milk and a sliced banana , or chocolate cereal with cake crumbles , why not ?
  • smoothies , simple as that . Or smoothie bowls as I am still adjusting to fruit only in the morning
  • ice cream , or better called banana ice cream , frozen and blended banana slices in every flavor you want , you can adjust and alter it by simply adding cocoa powder , or fresh fruit to it .
  • oatmeal / porridge : the classics , hot cooked oats topped with fruit or other stuff like chocolate and nuts ( this is what I usually eat on school days when I don’t have a lot of time and it honestly takes me 10 minutes to get a healthy and filling breakfast)
  • you can eat cake if you want to ??!!??!!

Lunch or Dinner :

  • my number one : noodles with tomato sauce
  • any kind of vegetable soup like for example  carrot and potato (just steam and blend the vegetables with some spices and serve with bread tadaaa
  • wraps (Pita or Tortilla bread is nice) filled with salad , tomatoes , cucumber corn mushrooms etc..
  • rice with basically everything
  • sandwiches with stuff on them
  • vegetable sushi with sweet potato fries = heaven
  • vegan burgers
  • like any kind of salad if you are up to it


Snacks :

  •  chocolate chip cookies , pies , cake or any kind of baked treats
  • bliss balls aka little self made pralines out of nuts dates and other stuff like chocolate
  • any kind of fruit or vegetable with hummus or nut butter 🍉 🍇 🍓
  • banana ice cream or soy / coconut ice cream
  •  rice waffles with pb and strawberry marmalade

This is mostly what I eat and if you are looking for a few really easy food ideas that don’t require a lot of work here you are .

Let me know if you are interested in any topics or recipes , I’m listening 🍴

















It’s okay to eat . Sometimes more than 1900 calories per day .

Even though you had that snack already

because your mind won’t shut about food .


It’s necessary to eat . It’s necessary to eat .

You need to eat . You need to eat .


It’s okay to have round and soft hips they are beautiful.

It’s okay to have a loose stomach it is beautiful.

It’s okay to have strong and flabby big thighs , they are you .


Please eat . Don’t put your plate away .

Eat . Live . Choose .

Choose to love , choose happiness

Please eat . Don’t put your plate away.


You don’t need to look like the models

Yes they are beautiful , but so are you

You are stronger than this

You are worth it . You can do this .


Please , don’t treat your body like a long gone fashion trend

your beauty is always present

in your thoughts and your deeds

and your looks and your presence


Eat . Don’t put away your plate

You are worth so much more than this

See what you see in your best friend





– For when you feel ugly and disgusting because you ate cereal after dinner , and don’t know how to feel







Change your attitude

For the past two months or more I have been  feeling kind of disoriented and not feeling well , like something is pulling me down . Most probable because of school , the constant pressure of being „perfect“ I haven’t been able to develop further . I felt like running into a corner over and over again . It made me sick not knowing what was wrong with me , and what was holding me back .

It’s like I am changing but stuck in my process without having achieved or found any solutions , a new project or reason to exist and keep on living the way I do . I have been checking all of my activities , and still nothing . Right now , I have a one week break from school , what actually does not mean I can relax , I have to study and do tons of homework and prepare a 15 minute presentation which is all freaking me out .

Today when I woke up I somehow felt kind of different , it’s like I suddenly felt back in life , not completely on my way to success but closer . I realized that if these fears , worries and thoughts control me I will never feel good enough . But if I start controlling them I will be able to go further and hopefully feel better

What does this mean ? It means for me to try to be more positive and open minded to what is happening . I’ve recently tried living more in the here and now , and let me tell you that shit is hard from time to time , because when you don’t feel well you can’t just check your Instagram and suppress your actual feelings with unconscious jealousy .

What I am trying to say is , don’t always wait until things get better , there is always something you can do . It might not always feel comfortable and good , but I am trying to find out what I can do . I don’t really like which way things are going with me , like for example my skin is breaking out , I’m going to bed too late , I oversleep and miss half of my day doing stuff that doesn’t really matter .

Now for the fun part // What do I want to change ?

  • my diet has changed , I feel satisfied but still emotionally hungry  , find out what is wrong with it and try to fix that
  • drink more water , because I loose my good habits from time to time
  • find a way to make working out more fun and more productive
  • to be more positive about homework and assignments , plan in little treats for myself , and have an overall more positive attitude
  • spend more time with myself and others apart from school and the media . School and media is stealing so much time I need to develop and take care of myself

I know school is stressful , but I do not want it to bother my personal development and health , I still need a balance and a routine between food , sports , relaxation and school . But I am trying to stay optimistic and not let myself be totally pulled down ∇

Don’t let anybody make you feel inferior without your consent – Eleanor Roosevelt