change of habits + my fitness routine

Hello ,

so this week has been my second week of school ,my second last year of school actually . I have new teachers , new classmates , a totally individual schedule but I am slowly adjusting to it . It seems like I am incorrigible on the fact that I always want to get things 100% right . Whether it is my sleep schedule or my french homework …

And to be honest , I get utterly frustrated when I don’t succeed at my plans and feel down , but it still makes me more ambitious and excited to get it right some day , right now I might still lack the motivation but how do they say : the first step of recovery is insight (??) or something like that ..

So here is my plan : I like to write down my routines , I have a whole book a la summer morning routine , but now I am going to do it for my week . So then I hope by seeing what I have to manage and fit into my day it , my whole time management will be easier.

What I need to do in a day  ( general) :

  1. go to school 
  2. do homework and study for exams 
  3. work out in any kind of way 
  4. have some me time            

Of course I will need sleep and food and human contact but I kind of don’t really have problems getting that on a healthy level .

So let’s start with working out . This week I didn’t really work out because I felt tired and just uuugh but I want and I will get back to it with a plan .

Monday       : go for a run ( 10 -30 minutes )                                                                     Tuesday       : 30 minutes of yoga and stretching                                                           Wednesday : full body / aerobic training /tabata ( I have a cool PE teacher)     Thursday     :  Arms and abs ( blogilates / fitnessblender workouts)                             Friday          :  Butt and legs + yoga                                                                               Saturday      :  cardio and abs ( blogilates /fitnessblender workouts)                             Sunday         : movement is optional (rest day)

Working out is usually something I do intuitively but right now I feel like I should push myself a little to get into routine and make it a habit .  I come home 3x at 5:30 per week so I don’t know how I will manage this yet with homework studying and working out , but I think that my physical and mental should have the same priority as my grades . I also know what impact working out has on my mood and my overall well being to I really don’t want to skip that .

hope you’re all having a good time !!


death , war , chaos , jeans and school

This is a note I wrote this Saturday night in my „inspiration book slash planner “ when I suddenly found myself in the nostalgic and low atmosphere you would normally be stated on a sunday at about 8 pm .

“ Tomorrow is officially my last day of summer vacation , I would life if I said that I would be prepared , but I am ready . Ready to get up early and get organized and so much more .. for sure nothing will be the same again , I will have my own schedule , my week will be filled with work , but that’s okay with me because I am ready to work hard.

There will be first impressions and quick decisions where it will be hard to find something positive , it will be difficult to adjust to a completely new routine and already thoughts keep me awake because I start to worry about what is going to happen . I don’t want to fall asleep because the second I wake up , „tomorrow“ I will have to face all these challenges .

It has been a summer full of sleep and movies and lots n lots of thinking , and nothing was like I thought it would be ..but here I am and I feel strong enough to get out of my comfort zone , for how long .. we will see . “

I also wrote this :

10 positive aspirations on a school day :

  1. coming home
  2. Lunch
  3. gender studies class ( at least for me)
  4. going to bed
  5. working out
  6. the moment you finish work
  7. actually knowing shit and getting good grades
  8. fun planing and colorful sticky notes
  9. breaks , days off and weekends.
  10. sleeping.

In that sense , good night♥

how to not suck at school

Yes , it’s true . With the first day of september something around here changed .

The air started to smell like mix of dried flowers and wind and the big yellow fields outside town , and the sun started to kind of shine in a different way than it used to , like it needed to charge for a while from this hot and long summer .

I for myself have 10 days left till I have to go back to school . It might sounds weird and in bout 1 month my opinion about this will probably have completely changed due to the mental burden I will experience. Right now ,I am a tiny bit excited about the next school year , I have two years left until I graduate and this years I will have my own individual timetable .

Here’s the things I look forward to :

  1. finding a new daily routine with my schedule , when to get up and plan my workout routine for the week , my sleeping routine and all around how to feel the best , to be in best condition
  2. learning new things , that will make me smarter and better . The last year was a breakout for me , I found out how to study and what I like so I think I have good conditions to make the best out of this year .
  3. Making food , yes it’s true . I love to bring food to school , whether for me of for others just because I’m always hungry at school and it always feels so good to refuel . When I bake something I usually bring  few more  e.g. cookies and that always makes people so happy , and why wouldn’t you make someones day ?
  4. more planing . Writing sticky notes on what homework I have to finish . Doing research and summarizing it. hell yeah.

Of course there will always be things like getting up so early , annoying teachers , presentations , mathematics , fights and other unpleasant things , but I think I have learned to handle it pretty well.

I’m onto grade eleven now , and for those who might still struggle with school , here are some things that helped me a lot , and took me years to figure out .

  • drinking and eating is freaking important , as well as enough sleep and sunshine and fresh air , get enough of those to be at your best , so you can do your best . Also ,water is better than coffee .
  • get yourself a pretty planer ,and decorate your working space pretty , it will make so much more fun or be more pleasant if you find something positive in doing your stuff .
  • Learn about what studying pattern fits you best . For me it’s learning small amounts over a longer period each day and repeating it often , but really find out what is best for you .
  • be damn kind to people at school , yes there are some stupid ones that think they rule the world but there are also  nice and friendly people , don’t be damn rude , it will pay off I promise
  • Don’t worry if you suck at a subject , and don’t think it’s all about good grades. You could have an A and still have no clue what you are talking about , so focus on the basics , and use all the materials you can get. The internet is you best friend , but you still have to do some stuff on your own .
  • if you do have problems and can not cope with them anymore , don’t be afraid to reach out , there will always be somebody to listen and help you . Most people are scared of exams and worry  , you are not the only one , but if it gets too much , get some help okay ?
  • and last : YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR GRADES !!!  there is no point in pushing yourself beyond  your limits for a better grade , yes have some chocolate , yes go and have a nap , stay at home if you feel like shit you will be better soon . But take care of yourself  .It matters .

so this post turned from yay autumn to „school omfg“ real  quick so I won’t annoy you with my talks about pumpkins and candles and how I can’t wait for halloween and hell yes sweather weather hot drinks and fluffy socks . okay  . I will see you soon  !