Roses are red , vegans eat greens

A story about how I actually started craving salad . lol.

Hello beautiful people , do you ever have a goal to do something , then you do it and after a while you tend to forget how important it once was ? No? Well , at least for me , that is what happened to me .

About a little more than two months ago , I changed my vegetarian diet into a plant-based one ( aka the best decision of my life ) . First of all my parents weren’t too fond of it , but after some good agruments they agreed to support me.

It seems to be a trend of our generation to eat vegan , but we have our reasons. And I think our reasons are good . I turned vegan for ethnical and health reasons , because it fits my lifestyle and for now it makes me very happy.

No , I do not think it is hard , or boring . I have never been so excited about eating healthy food in my life and despite the “ where do you get ur protein “ and “ u neeed ur meat “ opinions people say I inspire them and they think it is great .

I love eating whole foods , no fake meat or egg substitution ,but mostly  vegetables , fruit , beans and grains , and I absolutely adore it . Need an example ?

Let me present you my “ chocolate cake blackberry ice cream sundae “ !!


It is creamy , delicous and perfect to share ( or eat two rounds on your own )

  1. step one : make a vegan chocolate cake                                                                                300 gramms sugar                                                                                                              450 gramms flour                                                                                                                6 tbsp of cocoa powder                                                                                                      2 tsp of baking powder                                                                                                        150 ml of oil                                                                                                                          250 ml of plant based milk                                                                                                about 100 ml of water ( depends)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mix everything in a bowl , pour into baking pan and bake for 30-45 minutes at 175 degrees °C .
  • two : make your chocolate ice cream                                                                                       – freeze about 4 bananas (chopped )                                                                               – after 3 or 4 hours blend them with 2 tbsp of cocoa powder / carob                       – perfection
  • step three : create sundae                                                                                                       In your glass layer  your ice cream , blackberries and chocolate cake crumbles , serve immediately.




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