what color is blue

so my heart looked itself in the mirror and wondered how can something so blue , be natural at all there's a reason there were no  blue gummy bears in the candy packages when you were little , and blueberries seemed rather purple to me but then the sky and the ocean are blue there … what color is blue weiterlesen



some nights like these I just want more of us more of what I remember made me feel whole and light and careless and free it's not hard to crave more when what you made me feel instantly , even if only temporarliy cured all that hurt me now you're hurting me I'm hurting because I … 16.02. weiterlesen


" There's nothing more beautiful than to have someone truly  care about you " says my grandfather on the phone , " and to grow old together " adds my grandmother in the background. They've been married for over 60 years . I shiver and wonder if that's what love is. Wanting to grow old … 07.01.2018 weiterlesen